Sharp Waste Disposal Bins for Beauty and Cosmetic Industry

Sharps is a term used in the medical and cosmetic industry for devices that have sharp points or edges that could puncture or cut skin. In businesses like hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons, they need to have in place a sharp disposal bin for easy and safe disposal of materials like razor blades and fine needless used in many beauty treatments. Not just these businesses, but also for acupuncturists, tattoo artists, alternative treatment centres, and offices with first aid rooms need to have these dustbins for good safety and hygiene. For clinical wastes like wax strips, pads, cotton wool buds, and other items used for treatments, they need to be disposed of separately in individual bins. While needles, razor blades and syringes need to be dropped in separate bins specifically meant for sharp waste.

Ashta London offers an extensive range of waste management bins for the beauty therapy industry and cosmetics salons. We supply disposal bins for sharps, needles and syringes and ensure that all your sharps waste is stored safely, prior to collection and disposal. We have various colour coded bins that clearly distinguish and separate different sharps. Our high quality disposable waste bins that we offer our clients are all compliant and as per the best practice of waste guidelines. Available in varying container sizes, we ensure to provide our client’s safe storage of sharps and disposals. Our bins come with different coloured lids to denote the type of clinical or sharps waste reserved for specific waste.

Art.nr: ICW02
Sharps Container 2L
Dispose all sharps properly to ensure your and public health and safety.

Size: 2 liter

Price: 6.00
Art.nr: ICW01
Small Sharps Container 1L
Dispose all sharps properly to ensure your and public health and safety.

Size: 1 liter

Price: 4.00