Crescent Tip Lashes * NEW

Soft and Silky Crescent Lashes for a Beautiful and Natural Looking Eyes

Ashta London offers you the best collection of Crescent eyelash. We are reputed suppliers committed to providing the best eyelash extensions to professional artist. Crescent Lashes is the latest concept created for individual eyelash extensions. These beautiful Lashes are 100% handmade of a new PBT synthetic fibre material. Both the lashes tapered at the root ends offer a seamless natural look.

 At Ashta London we are dedicated to providing a safe, quality experience to all our clients. We are committed to providing you the best lashes, prioritizing you're natural lash health. Sourced from reputed manufacturers in the industry, you can be rest assured of it's quality and safety. Using our lovely collection of crescent lashes, will ensure least amount of irritation as very less glue is used when these dual tapered lashes are applied. These types of lashes are ideal for those who want a natural look but have sensitive eyes. When applied, these lashes perfectly fit at the base to the natural lash providing maximum bonding. On wearing these lashes, we assure you that no one can make out the difference between the natural ones and these.  So, for clients wanting a seamless look, these soft, silky lashes make the perfect choice for them. To learn more about Crescent lashes browse through our page and you will find all the information related to it in detail. ECRE01
Crescent Tip Lashes Curl-C
Curl - C
Diameter: 0.15mm
Length: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Approx. 3000 lashes/box
Option Price/pcs Qty.
  1 pcs  
8mm 30.00
10mm 30.00
12mm 30.00