Start Kit

Eyelash extension Start Kit for beginners

Ashta  offers a Starter Kit perfect for both beginners and professionals. It includes everything you need for a successful eyelash extension. Here, we collaborate with reputed manufacturers to bring in the high quality and the wide range of products. 

We selected the main products for the Starter Kit so that you could perform a successful eyelash extensions procedure. Affordable price will save you some money to buy other eyelash products products, which you are prefer for your individual need while performing your eyelash work.

Good luck! ESK01
Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit
Everything you need for one successful Eyelash Extension:

* Multiple-length Eyelash Extensions 5 pack
* Premium Lashes Cleanser 1pc
* Eyelash Extension Glue 1pc
* Premium Eyelash Extensions Glue Remover 1pc
* Air Blower 1pc
* Eye Gel Patches 10pcs
* Silicon Pad 1pc
* Crystal Plate 1pc
* Eyelash Comb-Brush 1pc
* Straight Tweezers 1pc
* Curved tweezers 1pc
* Medical tape 1pc

Price: 75.00