Start Kit

Best Eyelash Extension Starter Kit

Ashta London is a proud supplier of eyelash extension start kit which contains every product and accessory required for the proper application of eyelash extensions. This Kit is specifically for a beginner, wanting to make a career in eyelash extension and cosmetic industry. The kit includes a fantastic assortment of multiple length eye lash extension on tray, premium lash cleaners, eyelash extension glue, premium eyelash extension glue remover, air blower, eye gel patches, silicon pad, crystal plate, eyelash comb brush, straight tweezer, and a curved tweezer.

We believe that this eyelash extension kit makes for a great starter kit, ideal for all those beginners out they're who wish to make a career in this line. This kit is designed with only a specific set of products eliminating the extras that are not necessary when you are beginner making a career in this industry.  Sourced from the best of all, we offer you products that are of high quality, and that which are highly reliable. So, as beauty artist if are looking to buy an eyelash extension start kit you are at the right place where you will find all top-quality products as per you're requirement on our website. With products like these we help you achieve desired results for you're client’s and make you're career a successful one. Browse through our product category to learn more about this product in detail. We are positive that you would be happy purchasing our quality products. ESK01
Start Kit
Everything you need for one successful Eyelash Extension:
* Multiple-length Eyelash Extensions on tray 1pc
* Premium Lashes Cleanser 1pc
* Eyelash Extension Glue 1pc
* Premium Eyelash Extensions Glue Remover 1pc
* Air Blower 1pc
* Eye Gel Patches 10pcs
* Silicon Pad 1pc
* Crystal Plate 1pc
* Eyelash Comb-Brush 1pc
* Straight Tweezers 1pc
* Curved tweezers 1pc

Price: 38.00