Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Products for Professional Artists Running Salon

Ready to enhance your client’s eyes with natural looking lash lines? Well, at Ashta London we provide bold and gorgeous looking high-quality eyelash extensions and other eye lash extension products for a luxurious upgrade. Using our products will help a person attain a fuller, natural-looking eye lash. Our products are perfect for those who wish to improve and provide their client’s a more pronounced, dramatic look. We take great pride in offering you our amazing collection of high quality eye lash extension and other related products online.

The range of products that we offer under this segment or product line includes professional eyelash extensions, the best adhesives, lash coating essence, metal eye lash curler, air blower, straight tweezer, Volume up mascaras, extension glues to name a few. We offer quality and reliable tools that facilitates growth of your salon or cosmetic beauty business. So, browse through our page to discover all tools you need to create the perfect set of long thick and natural looking eye lashes for your clients. From beginners, to professional lash technicians, our products are perfect for all those who wish to run their business smoothly. Our eyelash extension set which features a host of products will help you achieve the best results. All the eyelash extension products listed on our website is ideal for professional cosmetic businesses, salons and beauty parlours who require such supplies for their business. Check out our list of products to learn more about each of them and purchase them all for a very reasonable price.

Featured Products

Neicha Eye Make Up Remover
Straight Tweezers
Micro Fibre Brushes
COQ10 Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches
Magic Eyelash Curler
Neicha Eyelash Adhesive Remover
Hot Brush Eyelash Curler
Air Blower