Eyelash Perm

A Complete Eyelash Prem Kit for Professional Beauty Artists.

Get your hands on this fantastic eyelash prem kit offered by us online at Ashta London. We offer an amazing range of collection which includes a wide variety of products like prem lotion, fixative, nourishing, cleanser, eyelash rollers to name a few. The products that we provide are all genuine and of high quality. So, you cab be assured of purchasing safe and reliable products for eyelash prem. Our profession eyelash prem kit is ideal for those wish to provide their client’s extra curls for their natural lashes.

Purchase this kit for your beauty salon business for a quick, easy, and profitable service that shall help you build repeat-clientele. The kit is made of premium quality products that facilitates beautiful curled lashes. Sourced from reputed manufacturers, our eyelash prem products will provide eyelashes wonderful curls and making the eyes look more expressive and well-nourished at the same time. Unlike mechanical lash curlers, our eyelash prem gently forms curled eyelashes that lasts up to 3-6 weeks. With its application very simple and safe it takes about 30-35 minutes and is perfect for up to 30-40 procedures. With the choice of 8 pairs of rollers, one can achieve the perfect eyelash curve for each customer irrespective of eyelash length or eyelash form. Our eyelash prem kit has everything that a professional would require to achieve an outstanding eyelash perm result for their client’s. So, enhance the look of your client’s eyes with our fabulous eyelash prem kit by placing your order today

Art.nr: E-PERM-05
Eyelash Perming Kit
Perm Kit from Korea includes:

- 3 bottles Perm Lotion 5ml x 3
- 3 bottles Fixative 5ml x 3
- 2 bottles Nourishing 5ml x 2
- 2 Bottles Cleanser 5ml x 2
- 8 pairs Eyelash Rollers
- Instructions

Approx. for 30-40 procedures

Price: 22.00
Art.nr: E-PERM-06
Perming Lotion A
Perming Lotion for Eyelash perming. The lotion that applies first.


Price: 15.00
Art.nr: E-PERM-07
Fixing Lotion B
Fixing Lotion for Eyelash perming. The lotion that applies after Perming Lotion A.


Price: 15.00
Art.nr: E-PERM-08
Reusable Rerm Rollers
Perm Rollers made of silicone. Can be reused as many time as you want. Use lash Glue (Art.nr E-PERM-02 or Art.nr: EG05) to fix Rollers on eyelids and lashes on the Rollers.

4 pairs: S, M, L, XL.

Price: 10.00
Art.nr: E-PERM-04
Sticky Perm Rolls
Sticky Perm Rolls for eyelash Perm. Easy to form, easy to apply. Lash Glue usually unnecessary when using these Perm Rolls
You may cut the length of the Roll according to the eye size.

Three thickness sizes available:
Small, Medium, Large.

32 rolls in one package ( for 16 applications)

Price for 1 package.
Option Price/pcs Qty.
  1 pcs  
Small 6.00
Medium 6.00
Large 6.00