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Glue Odor Neutralizer
Don't economy on your health! Put maximum
efforts to reduce the risk of allergy reaction with Glue
Odor Neutralizer!
Glue Odor Neutralizer absorbs harmful substances like formaldehyde and other VOCs. Protect lash technician and customer from glue allergies by neutralizing harmful chemicals in the air. Especially designed for people who have sensitive eyes. Included phytoncide sterilizes bacteria on the eyelash extension applicators.
Patented with No.Europe # 0 401 140B1
How to use:
- During procedure: Sprinkle 2-3 times on the cotton pad and put near the dropped glue before procedure.
- For sterilization: Sprinkle the suitable amount on the applicators and clean it.

40 pcs Excellent Absorbent cotton included.


Price: 7.49