Rich Natural Colour Permanent Makeup Pigments for Tattooing

Tattoo pigments (ink) are all essentially the same.  You will find a wide range of tattoo pigment shades available in the market. While they're are a number of manufacturers who supply pigments, they're are tattoo artists who make there own tattoo ink or pigment. Tattoo inks or pigments vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and based on these variations, professional tattoo artists determine the brand they prefer. Mostly tattoo inks are technically not inks but rather composed of pigments in a carrier solution. The pigment provides colour of the tattoo. At Ahsta London we provide different shades of colour pigments to professional tattoo artists

Our tattoo pigments are popular among professional artists for there quality, brightness of colour, and safety. We source high quality pigments from renowned tattoo ink manufacturers to cater to you're needs. We provide our customers both bio touch pigments and creamy PMU pigments. These pigments are available in a range of colours and can be mixed together to produce other colours and shades. The pigments we offer online are safe to use and are known for there consistency. It is our utmost priority to provide our client’s top-quality products to help them get the best results. Learn more about our products by browsing our pages and checking out the product features and specification. Our reasonably priced high quality products are sure to not let you down at any point.